Chán, chẳng có gì làm, xem bói thử…

Bói bài

Love: The Magician

Touchstone: The Moon

Career: The Devil

Everything in your romantic life revolves around your intuition today, dear Giang! You will be very open towards others, and you will be relying on your instincts, adjusting your behavior accordingly. A word of caution: If you are intending to get serious in a particular relationship, do engage your brain as well before totally committing yourself. Intuition is a wonderful sense, but it can sometimes lead to a naïve interpretation of situations and people. Stay in tune with yourself!  You’re feeling unsure about your professional ambition. The combination of the Devil and the Moon indicates a difficult situation, an attempt to manipulate, some kind of agreement that’s based on a lie. Be wary of false promises that you might receive, or that you yourself might make to a client or colleague. In the end, it won’t fool anyone. So why not play it straight.


A potential new love partner could suddenly appear on the job, and the instant attraction could prove too overwhelming to ignore. If you’re attached, this could pose some problems for you, but if you’re single, by all means, get to know this person better. The planetary alignment strongly indicates that if this attraction survives the first week or so, it might well develop into something more permanent. Think about it!

Chán quá… Hôm nay ở nhà cả ngày, ăn, ngủ, ăn, ngủ, cái này sai hết cả rồi :((


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